What is Stucco?

Stucco is a smart solution for exterior finishing of a home or building.

It is very versatile, it can be applied to any flat or curved surface. It’s very appreciated due to its attractiveness and durability and because it requires a minimum maintenance. Colours are mixed into the stucco formula so that the building doesn’t peel and doesn’t require later painting after the stucco has cured.

Stucco facing material is often used to give a new, fresh, modern appearance to older homes. It can be a practical and cost-friendly solution for raising the property value of a home that is to be put up for sale.

Stucco consists of a binder, an aggregate and water. Traditionally, it is made of cement mixture, in which the cement is combined with water and inert materials such as sand and lime, and will dry to a very hard and dense solid.
Occasionally, acrylics and glass fibres are added to the mixture to improve the strength of stucco.

There are different forms of stucco application: traditional stucco system, a three coat stucco system, a hard-coat stucco system and a synthetic stucco system.
Three coat and hard-coat are referring to the situation when stucco is applied on top of metal lath. Wire lath is used as a plaster base where the surfaces will not provide adequate mechanical keying or bond for the plaster.
Synthetic stucco, known as EIFS, is acrylic-based and is more elastic and more workable. It has a lasting uniform color and a high resistance to soiling, mold or algae. This finishing material comes ready-mixed in a bucket.


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