Q: In what season and at what temperature can stucco be applied?
A: Stucco installation is weather dependent. The application of stucco is possible only at minimum 4 degrees C. and higher.

Q: Our house has stucco finishing. Is it proper to paint it?
You can paint, but it is not recommended. Most paints do not work well on stucco. The lime in stucco will react with paint and cause it to peel sooner or later, then you have to either repaint or resurface.

Q: Can we re-stucco our home with a new coat of stucco?
A: Yes you can, as long as the existing stucco is structurally sound.

Q: What is most cost-efficient, to paint or to have a stucco resurfacing?
A: Initial painting is less expensive than resurfacing. However, it is just a false economy because in a couple of years you will need to repaint. The second painting will bring the total costs higher than resurfacing the existent stucco.

Q: How can I find out if the stucco finishing on a house has been painted?
A: Throw a glass of water on the existing stucco. If it runs off it has been painted, if the stucco absorbs the water and the color darkens, it hasn't been painted.

Q: Can I powerwash the stucco surface?
A: No, it is not recommended because a pressure washing machine can destroy the integrity of the stucco.

Q: But can I clean the stucco surface?
A: Because of porosity in stucco, dirt and pollutants become impregnated in stucco over time and cannot be removed effectively. What is recommended is to use a cleaning agent that is made for cleaning stucco and follow the usage instructions of that product.

Q: Does stucco crack?
A: Stucco surface can get hairline cracks, more visible on smoother finishes. These are caused by movement in the earth, expansion and contraction of framing beneath the stucco etc. But these fine hairline cracks are usually no cause for concern.

Q: How long does a stucco job last?
A: Our stucco installation can last for about 15 to 20 years, depending on environmental conditions.

Q: How long do you guarantee your stucco work?
A: Superior Stucco has a 1-year guarantee against stucco cracks, breaks, peeling, flaking, bulging, blistering or stucco falling off.

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