The Benefits of Stucco

Stucco system has a lot of great benefits which make it an excellent option for a long-lasting and nice looking exterior finishing.

The initial price of stucco installation is far better compared to other finishing options.

Few exterior siding choices are as versatile as stucco. Stucco can be applied to any shape or surface, over existing brick, block, masonite and wood siding. The palette of colors and textures allows near-infinite design flexibility.

Stucco is an attractive choice that can deliver a variety of looks, in a clean and elegant style, in multiple colors.

Increase the Value of Your Home
Stucco is the easiest way to entirely change the look of your home or business without having to change the overall structure. It is a practical and cost-friendly solution for raising the property value of a home that is to be put up for sale.

Stucco is harsh elements resistant and durable enough to last for decades. In addition, unlike paint, stucco doesn't peel.

Low maintenance and cost efficient
Stucco is the most cost-efficient exterior cladding system available. Stucco saves you money. In most cases, it can be applied directly over your home or business’s existing facade. In addition, colours are mixed into the stucco formula so that the building doesn’t peel and doesn’t require later painting (every few years).

Fire resistant
Stucco is a fire-resistant choice. Flames don't spread and smoke doesn't develop.

Water resistant
Stucco does not permit water to enter the building, if applied properly.

While stucco do not allow water to penetrate, it does allow water vapors to exit, avoiding mold appearance.

Climate flexible
Stucco handles hot and cold, wet and dry climates, and freeze and thaw cycles.

Good insulation
Stucco insures better insulation against heat as well as against cold.

Sustains bulding’s structure
Stucco gives extra structural strength to the building.

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